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  • May 6, 2019

Fun Corporate Events to Consider

a group of work colleagues in an escape room participating in a corporate event

Fun Corporate Events to Consider

Fun Corporate Events to Consider 1024 512 Bond's Escape Room

a group of business colleagues playing soccer at a casual corporate event in the parkWhen most people think of corporate events, they envision company picnics and charity bake sales. While these ideas can be a great way for coworkers to bond, they are not your only options. If you are a business owner or responsible for planning corporate events for your company, consider activities outside the box.

Fun Corporate Events In Northern Virginia

By planning fun corporate events for your team, you can better engage your workforce, boost employee morale, reinforce the core values of your company, and make your staff feel more valued. Here are just a few fun corporate events to consider.

1. ZogSports

Sports has a way of bringing people together by promoting discipline, respect, leadership, and how to overcome adversity. Help your staff become team players by scheduling a team building corporate event.

ZogSports is one of the most popular social sports communities in America, attracting more than 120,000 ‘Zoggers’ per year. There are all types of events to choose from, ranging from organized dodgeball tournaments to field days complete with interactive challenges set in a gym, park, or even your office.
The friendly team at ZogSports goes above and beyond to accommodate your schedule and special requests to ensure a successful corporate event.

2. Go Ape

Sometimes an adventure is all that is needed to bring a group of people closer together. At Go Ape, your team can experience an epic outdoor adventure via exciting courses designed to put smiles on your team’s face and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Challenge your team to take an exhilarating two to three hour self-guided tour through the forest canopy. From zip lines to treetop adventures, Go Ape offers a safe and fun way to experience an adrenaline rush while encouraging team members to work together to complete a journey.

3. Fairfax Adult Softball

a softball player at a corporate event swinging his batThere is a reason why so many companies choose to form corporate softball leagues. Whether an employee actively plays on a team or cheers from the stands, a softball league is an effective way to promote teamwork and morale.
Participating in any type of sports activity is also an excellent way to improve employee health, and with skyrocketing health insurance costs, this is a major plus.

Fairfax Adult Softball is the largest private ASA, non-profit softball program in the U.S. Leagues are open to both competitive and recreational players of all ages and skill levels.

4. Room Escape Fairfax

Escape rooms have become increasingly popular and for good reason. With a common goal in mind, team members must work together to solve the room’s mystery and escape. Escape rooms encourage each team member to use their unique skill set and leadership skills to complete challenges.

At Room Escape Fairfax you will discover numerous room themes that will test your abilities while bringing you tons of fun. There is no better way to improve communication, problem-solving skills, and creative thinking than by putting your employees in an environment that fosters collaboration and teamwork.

5. Strayboots

Scavenger hunts are also a fun way that team members can work together to solve challenges. Strayboots offers mobile experiences for corporate team building activities that help companies create custom location-based digital experiences.

With the help of Strayboots, teams can explore local communities as they search for specific items. Consider splitting up your employees into two groups to encourage friendly competition and teamwork.

Competitive scavenger hunts are a great way to reduce employee burnout and get your staff out of the office and in the fresh air. Whether they are completing challenges or solving riddles, you will no doubt notice a difference in your employee’s team spirit by the end of the event.

6. Common Good City Farm

a group of coworkers planting vegetables in a greenhouse for a corporate eventWith a mission to create an informed and well-nourished community through sustainable urban agriculture, Common Good City Farm consistently demonstrates small-scale urban farming and actively participates in food production, processing, and distribution, as well as waste management.

If you are searching for fun corporate events, Common Good City Farm offers several amazing programs designed to power individuals to lead healthier lifestyles.

Their Seed to Table Workshops provide adults with the opportunity to learn more about nutrition, gardening, and cooking which are important skills to develop at any age.

Book Your Next Fun Corporate Event

All companies can benefit from fun corporate events, no matter your industry or how big or small your business. Corporate events have been proven to improve company culture, validate employees, help staff feel engaged, and grow leadership skills in certain individuals. Corporate events can also be useful for business owners as they provide a way to highlight key skills and abilities in employees. Coworkers that are able to work together and collaborate effectively will no doubt be more successful during work-related projects. To reap all of the benefits that fun corporate events can offer, be sure to book your team building exercise today.