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The Sleepover Slaughterhouse

Location: Arlington

Address: 2800 Clarendon boulevard, Suite 910, Arlington, VA, 22201

3 – 10 people
60 minutes

$34 per Person


You and your teammates have been triple-dog-dared to spend the night in a TOTALLY spooky mansion that nobody has gone to in a wicked long time. You’re planning a night filled with spin the bottle, ouija boards, and more. Bodacious!

When you show up, all seems chill, but the longer you loiter, the less righteous it gets. Abandoned houses tend to be abandoned for a reason. Hopefully it’s not demons or anything like that.

You will have just one hour to find a way to reverse the curse you’ve stumbled upon before your party’s slumber becomes permanent.

Note: Room contains graphic content which may be intense for some people. Recommended age: 14 and older.

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“Great effects and great fun in the Sleepover Slaughterhouse. Scary, but not too scary (PG scary). Some excellent mind expanding puzzles to figure out. Don’t lose your head and you will make it through. Muuuhahahaha (evil laugh).”

John Gorman

“Our party of five had a fantastic time at Bond’s Escape Room! We played the Slaughterhouse Sleepover room. It was scary without being paralyzingly terrifying, and the puzzles were challenging but solve-able! The facility was clean, modern, well staffed – our host Andrew was helpful and funny! We would highly recommend, and will be back!”

Heather Dougherty

“I recently played in “sleepover room” and I tell you…it was quite an experience! First, let me start with a set up of the room – it’s truly freaky and gives you like a horror movie experience but with yourself playing in it! The puzzles are smart and make your brain really work! I totally loved it and recommend it for experienced escapers and first timers to receive an ultimate experience!”

Anna K

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