Room Escape Fairfax is a live-action experience featuring immersive and invigorating challenges. Our 15 unique and innovative escape rooms offer exciting puzzles for our guests to solve. Each escape room provides a different adventure, whether you choose to repair your spacecraft and escape from Venus, or solve the mysteries of a missing girl and her creepy horror room.

How Our Fairfax Escape Rooms Work

At our Fairfax location, we have refined our games to combine complex storytelling with solving puzzles to provide a complete and thrilling experience for our guests. The games we have created are thematically designed to look authentic and real to help you better understand the storyline. We strive to create escape rooms that will pull you into the illusion of being present in another world.

Each of our individual escape rooms is a “locked” room that you and your fellow escapees will be placed in to solve puzzles. However, our rooms are not actually locked and you are free to leave and re-enter during the game period. Your team will have exactly one hour to complete a wave of difficult tasks ranging from finding hidden items to escaping dangerous situations. You and your team will work in tandem to solve a sequence of individual tasks, eventually leading up to your “escape” of the room once the puzzle is completed.

Explore All of Our Fairfax Escape Rooms

Once you have solved the tasks and escaped the room, feel free to try our other unique and exciting rooms. We even offer our top-rated mobile Escape Bus game, where we can bring an escape room adventure right to your office or building. Room Escape Fairfax aims to deliver the best possible escape room experience in the nation.