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Enchanted Castle

Location: Arlington

Address: 2800 Clarendon boulevard, Suite 910, Arlington, VA, 22201

3 – 8 people
60 minutes

$34 per Person


You and teammates are the townsfolk of a small medieval village. Life was peaceful for centuries, but out of nowhere, a terrible sickness spread throughout the kingdom. With so many perishing, something had to be done.

Rumor has it that a mythical tree deep in the elven woods of Gahl-Zaan possess a magic stronger than any known to man, but war against the elves centuries ago has made them distrusting of humans and unwilling to help or trade.

If you can find a way to properly harness the castle’s magic, you may be able to create a tool powerful enough to dispel the forest’s magic, but beware: the elves are a cautious race.

Can you manufacture a magical sword before it’s too late?

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“Prior to visiting Bonds Escape, I had done about 7 or 8 other escape rooms in states across the country, and Bonds is by far the best experience I’ve had! The Enchanted Castle was super fun and engaging. The storyline, puzzles, and mechanisms for unlocking clues are way more unique and interesting than the traditional padlock rooms found in other locations. Our Game Master, Zachary, was enthusiastic and entertaining. I highly recommend Bonds Escape and can’t wait to try more rooms!”

Kristi Hullings

“We played Enchanted Castle at Bonds. This is the same company that runs Room Escape DC (or Fairfax), and so we came with high expectations, having played most of the rooms at their Fairfax location. We weren’t disappointed! First off, their new space is beautiful. The room was excellently themed and decorated, and their puzzles were creative, fun and clear. This company is great for newbies, but also challenging for people who have played admittedly way too many escape rooms. We had a great time and can not wait for more of their rooms to open. The support staff at Fairfax has always been awesome, and that carries over to Bonds…”

Meg B.

“Enchanted Castle Review: This was my first escape room, but the storyline was great, the puzzles were challenging yet achievable if you pay attention, the customer service was fantastic, and I already booked their new haunted escape room for the weekend, which sounds amazing.”

Heath Brown

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