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Contact Information

Fairfax Location:
3949 University drive, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone: 703-270-0377
E-mail: info@roomescapedc.com

Arlington Location:
2800 Clarendon boulevard, Suite 910, Arlington, VA, 22201

Phone: 703-884-1524
E-mail: info@bondsescaperoom.com

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Fairfax Venue Parking Availability

Parking is readily available and accessible at Room Escape Fairfax. Below is a handy guide showing available options and distances.

Courthouse Professional Center, home of Room Escape Fairfax. More than 60 on-site parking spaces available free of charge during operating hours.

Old Town Plaza public parking, 3955 Chain Bridge road. Parking is free of charge and can accommodate more than 100 cars at any time. Two minute walk to Room Escape Fairfax.

On street parking, University drive. Seven available parking spaces. Free for 2 hours, Monday – Friday. Unlimited on weekends. One minute walk to Room Escape Fairfax.

City of Fairfax Regional Library, 10360 North street. Free parking during operating hours. Three minute walk to Room Escape Fairfax.


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arlington parking map

Arlington Venue Parking Availability

The easiest option is the paid garage right next door (it’s a few dollars an hour, but maxes out at $13- you can pay less by reserving the spot with Spothero, but you’ll need to enter the garage from the entrance off Fillmore). You can also park on the street (our location is at the end of a horseshoe shaped loop and there’s metered parking) for $4 an hour (.25 cents for 15 minutes, etc). If you don’t mind walking, there’s a residential area not too far away where you can park for free.

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