1960: Christmas Edition

Location: Fairfax

Address: 3949 University drive, Fairfax, VA, 22030

3 – 7 people
60 minutes

$30 per Person


Twas the night before Christmas, not too long ago
The creation of Santa’s new sleigh, for that, back to the winter of the 1960s we must go…

A group of elves had created quite the plan…
To help Santa travel faster throughout the land..
But it seemed like not everyone cheered…
When suddenly a monstrous creature by the name of Krampus appeared
He said “Without these plans, there will be no Christmas this year.”
“So maybe I’ll just make them… disappear…”

There is only one hour before St. Nick is scheduled to leave to go deliver presents. As the team of elves in charge of creating Santa’s new sleigh, you have 60 minutes to remake the plans. It’s up to you all now to help us save Christmas.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you played 1960: History of the Future it is the SAME game with updated decorations

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We did the 1960: Escape to the Future today, and it was a blast!  Apparently this is one of the more difficult rooms to escape from, but with the excellent clues from guide Sarah, who was very friendly and fun, we made it through with 10 minutes to spare.  Good room for group problem-solving, collaboration, and creative thinking. Highly recommend Room Escape Fairfax!”


“We (a family of 4) did the 1960 themed escape room here and loved it! By far the best experience we have had at an escape room with staff (thank you Alex S!) and the clues themselves. Plus they made sure to make the room very safe and clean and every staff member wore a mask. Highly recommend stopping in for an hour to test your skills!”

Aysha B

“The puzzles and the story were so well thought-out and executed, and the whole atmosphere was so immersive. I had a LOT of fun with 1960: History of the Future – it was challenging, but every single time we figured a puzzle out and got a step closer, it was super satisfying (I definitely recommend that room!!). The staff is also amazing and great to talk to – shout out to Eli for being an awesome game master!!”


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