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Death by Chocolate

Location: Arlington

Address: 2800 Clarendon boulevard, Suite 910, Arlington, VA, 22201

3 – 10 people
60 minutes

$34 per Person


At last! The day has come! Your town’s skyline is incomplete without the confectionary cathedral that is the candy factory of Gerhardt Von Sweettüth. Nobody ever comes in, nobody ever comes out…until now.

Sweettüth has stepped away for an hour, asking you to stay put. You don’t. You have one hour to explore the factory and figure out what makes his candy taste SO good. Can you crack this confectionary caper or will you find your visit everlastingly gobstopped?

Note: Room contains graphic content which may be intense for some people. Recommended age: 14 and older.

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“This was a great escape room — Our guide, Zachary, throughout the experience, did a great job of staying in-character and was great in giving tips that didn’t easily reveal the clues but gave us enough so that we felt successful! Overall, great experience, and great job to Zachary!!!”

Tony Long

“Great location and clever escapes. It was my first one so glad for the staff’ friendly tips. Sam and Chris was awesome!!”

Malene Ginete

“Fun and challenging! Would definitely recommend. Andrew was a great host.”

Joshua Bowen

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