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  • April 22, 2019

Top Fairfax Restaurants

four people eating food on a black wooden table at a Fairfax restaurant

Top Fairfax Restaurants

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A woman eating in a Fairfax restaurant with a cup of coffee to the sideHungry in Fairfax? Not sure where to go, what to eat, or what to do after? Do we have the perfect list for you! These eight restaurants are among the best in town, and with their colorful assortment of mouth-watering dishes, quality service and amazing venues, you’ll come away with more than a full stomach.

Top Restaurants In Fairfax, VA

Read up on the top restaurants Fairfax (currently) has to offer and consider stopping by Room Escape Fairfax while you’re out.

Dolce Vita

With its rustic wood-plaid fittings, made-from-scratch culinary-delights, and top-quality service, Dolce Vita is a top-pick for Fairfax locals. And with over 20 years in the business of serving fresh Italian cuisine in a hospitable setting, it’s easy to see why. With delectable pastas like “penne alla vodka” (penne pasta, prosciutto, peas and mushrooms in a vodka-based pink aurora sauce) or Rome-inspired wood-fired pizzas like “ortolano” (vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes sautéed in garlic and oil), Dolce Vita will transport you to a tuscan retreat, and bring your taste buds along for the ride. Moreover, with an extensive wine bar featuring over 100 Italian wines, a certified sommelier behind the bar, and among the best happy hours in the area, Dolce Vita is haven for the zealous wine-lover as much as the neapolitan-fare enthusiast.

Coastal Flats

Backed by four decades of the Great American Restaurant Group’s commitment to restaurant quality, Coastal Flats is a casual coastal-inspired eatery for seaside-admirers and yachtsmen alike. This seafood-lover’s paradise features maritime classics like fish tacos and fish filets, crab cakes, lobster rolls, and more. And with a charming seafront decor, excellent customer service, and relaxed, flip-flops optional atmosphere, you’ll be planning your next beach-inspired day trip in short time.

Havabite Eatery

Featuring delicious Greek and Italian specialities and American-style subs and burgers, Havabite Eatery is an ever-popular, intimate hideaway right on Main Street in downtown Fairfax. With generous portions, mouthwateringly good food, and staff who treat you like family, Havabite is like getting a home cooked meal without the effort. And with authentic Mediterranean fare like chicken souvlaki (Greek “fast-food” of skewered chicken and vegetables with pita), moussaka (casserole with ground lamb, eggplant, tomatoes and cheese) and amazing gyros, you’ll enjoy every bite.


a trendy cafe that is like some Fairfax restaurantsAfter opening in 2018, Highside has quickly amassed a significant following, and with a nearly perfect 4.7 out 5 star Google rating, they’re the most trendy restaurant in town. Sporting a stylish craft beer bar with a curated tap list and an asian-street food inspired menu, Highside is a tap-house unlike any other. Favorite eats include: Malaysian tamarind shrimp (jumbo shrimp in a tamarind and soy-based sauce with rice and cucumbers), Taiwanese street noodles (cold noodles with eggs, cucumber and carrot sin a sesame/peanut sauce combo) and scallion pancakes (unleavened flatbread folded in scallions and egg).


Pho4ever is Fairfax’s go-to spot for Vietnamese food and for good reason. Abound with traditional favorites including pho, vermicelli, spicy beef soup, and summer rolls, Pho4ever’s piping hot and readily served food is pho-nominal! And with portions nearly the size of your face, it’s a tremendous value at that. Additionally, their service is always wonderful, with waiters eager to accommodate you with a gratuitous smile and a delightful likeness.

Sisters Thai

With it’s homey decor, including charmed antique furniture, old clocks and typewriters, wanderlust photos and other knickknacks, Sisters Thai in downtown Fairfax is the most inviting of all restaurants. And with a top-notch Thai menu (featuring a secret thai-street food addition) it’s hard to go unnoticed. Sister’s has everything from thai classics like Pad-Thai (rice noodles with bean sprouts, bean curd, peanuts, scallions and egg) to Crispy Duck Curry (boneless duck simmered in a spicy red curry with coconut milk, pineapple and tomatoes). They also have some of the best desserts in town, including Mango Cheesecake, Fried Bananas and an assortment of hard to resist cupcakes.

De Clieu

Named after Gabriel-Mathieu Francois D’ceus de Clieu, the man who introduced coffee to the western hemisphere, De Clieu has done the same for the city of Fairfax. Spotlighting the best local-roasted coffee beverages outside DC, along with other entries including hot soups, hefty sandwiches and fresh salads, De Clieu is the ideal brunch spot. And with their cute, casual ambiance, super-friendly staff, and amazing pastries, it’s no surprise their uber-popular among the locals. Don’t miss their crepese pesto sandwich, chocolate croissants or blackberry latte!

Bollywood Bistro

a food dish that could be ordered at some Fairfax restaurantsLike Indian food? Bollywood Bistro on Chain Bridge Rd in downtown Fairfax (across the street from Room Escape Fairfax) is the premier Indian spot in-town. With nearly a decade of experience, numerous accolades (including once listed among the ”top 100 very best restaurants” by Washingtonian), and raving reviews, it’s hard to ignore. Our recommendation? Check out their classic cuisines including Tikka Masala (chicken barbecued in a creamy tomato sauce) and Samosas (potatoes, green peas and sauce fried until crispy). If you like novel interpretations, venture out with Champe’ (lamb chops in berry chutney) or the “Indian Spicy” Chicken Curry (not for the faint of heart). They have an amazing weekend brunch/lunch buffet available too.

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