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  • August 30, 2022

9 Engaging Teamwork Building Activities Your Team Will Love


9 Engaging Teamwork Building Activities Your Team Will Love

9 Engaging Teamwork Building Activities Your Team Will Love 1024 512 Bond's Escape Room

“Team building” is a concept that you’re taught from a young age. Remember in elementary school when the class would have to work together to solve a mystery or complete a scavenger hunt? There’s no doubt you’ve also taken part in several teamwork building activities in your workplace. Though the phrase usually incites eye-rolls and quips, choosing the right activities will turn this response around. Check out these 9 engaging teamwork building activities your team will love. 

#1 Solve a Murder Mystery

Collaborating to crack a murder mystery is an excellent way for your team to bond. This is a versatile option, as there are mystery games designed for virtual, physical, and hybrid workplaces. These games are an easy way to promote communication, culture building, and teamwork. 

Teamwork building activities like this help develop several skills, including collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking. If you’re interested, there are many platforms from which to choose. The chosen provider will work out all details so the entire process is smooth and everyone has a great time.

escape rooms as teamwork building activities

#2 Escape Room

One of the hottest new trends for teamwork building activities is visiting an escape room. Solving riddles to escape when you’re “trapped” with only a certain amount of time on the clock requires a team effort. And since there are no phones, internet, or hints, the participants are forced to work together as a team and use their collective wits to escape. 

This team-building activity helps develop trust, collaboration, communication, leadership, and problem-solving. If there’s an escape room in your city, there are typically several challenges to choose from, such as haunted rooms, wild west themes, and candy factories.

#3 Shark Tank

Ideas are great fun, and people like coming up with them. And, even more, they love hearing them and sharing them! This teamwork building activity was inspired by the TV show of the same name that features Mark Cuban and other entrepreneurs who listen to new product pitches. The only rule here is that the entire team must come prepared. 

They must devise a way to cultivate excitement from the “sharks” by using diagrams, presentations, models, etc.

#4 Corporate Castaways

This is one of the most fun and competitive teamwork building activities. Corporate castaways allows team members to divide into teams to undertake a series of challenges inspired by the television show “Survivor.”  

This activity engages everyone and helps develop skills needed for day-to-day activities. The high stakes and types of challenges of the game inspire everyone to infuse their actions with added cooperation and strategic thinking.

#5 Queen’s Gambit Chess Competition

Though this certainly isn’t for every company, a quiet, calm chess competition is a unique and often overlooked team building activity. While it’s not teamwork in the usual sense, it is a wonderful way for players and observers to learn and cultivate quiet bonding moments while seeing how the members’ minds work. 

As moves and outcomes are anticipated, it helps build strategic thinking skills. Yet, it also encourages decision making, empathy, and critical thinking skills.

#6 Scavenger Hunt Around the City

Are you looking for a fun way to get your team out of the office that still serves as a team activity? If so, organize a scavenger hunt around the city. Simply choose the objects and divide your team into pairs. Some companies get the most out of this activity by pairing opposites, as they bring their own unique traits to the game but also have their differences to work out. 

Aside from promoting teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills, getting your crew into the outdoors is great for boosting morale.

#7 Build a Storyline

Building a storyline can be great to use as an icebreaker or with teams that have been together for years. This team building activity takes about 30 minutes and can utilize any group size. The objective is to hone in on teamwork, collaboration, and listening. 

Essentially you gather your team, and everyone sits in a circle. A designated team member begins narrating a story but stops mid-sentence or mid-paragraph. The next person adds to the thought and adds another incomplete thought. The process continues until each team member has had a turn and a coherent story has been created.

#8 Lego Tower Challenge

There are lots of different variations among teamwork building activities that incorporate Legos or other building blocks. The one we will discuss is a Lego tower challenge. To begin, divide the group into equal teams consisting of three to five members. Each team should have the same number of people and Lego pieces. 

The team constructing the tallest free-standing tower within a set amount of time is the winner. Just ensure that the winning tower remains standing for over one minute and if you want to make it more exciting, have them build the tower without speaking or build it upon a glass of water.

#9 Tackle a Ropes Course

The final of our teamwork building activities is a bit ambitious but makes for a great day trip or retreat activity that puts your team outdoors and collaborating. There are many ways that ropes courses require teamwork. Regardless if it’s through encouraging a teammate to overcome a difficult task or trying to get the whole group through a maze, there’s no way around working together with this activity. 

Since this activity is a bit more intense, physical, and not everyone likes heights, it’s best to check with each team member to see how they feel about it before requiring everyone to participate.

Ultimately, there are many team building activities out there, but some are so played out that they offer little value. So, get creative and have fun trying out new teamwork building activities today!