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  • May 16, 2019

Enhancing Teamwork Skills With Team Building Activities

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Enhancing Teamwork Skills With Team Building Activities

Enhancing Teamwork Skills With Team Building Activities 1024 512 Bond's Escape Room

coworkers working better together and smilingAre you a business owner or manager looking for ways to enhance your team’s collaboration and coordination skills? Unsure how to pull it off? Team building activities planned and executed successfully can dramatically boost your team’s cooperation and camaraderie. Whether your goal is to get everyone to know each other better, stretch comfort zones, or observe (and improve) your teammates communication in action, team building activities can help tremendously. Read more about how participating in effective team building activities can significantly enhance teamwork skills across your team.

How Effective Team Building Activities Can Improve Your Teamwork Skills

When team-building exercises work as intended (and are properly prepared for and executed) they can serve as a priceless tool that can enhance team communication, impact and efficiency. Moreover, because employees will want to see each other more and spend more time together, team building activities can help employees feel more engaged at work, enjoy the workplace culture, be more productive on the job, and want to stay on the team far longer. In addition to these advantages, team building activities can also improve your team’s teamwork skills by:

Amplifying Creativity & Inclusion

“Out of the box” activities with unclear rules can often stimulate “out of the box thinking” among teammates, particularly teammates with unique or uncommon viewpoints. This can encourage outspoken team members to share insights and imaginative ideas with the rest of the team, ensuring that everyone feels like they’ve had the opportunity to contribute. This can also provide an invaluable opportunity for other team members to reflect on their teammates unique problem-solving strengths, which can then motivate teammates to listen to (and share) creative solutions among teammates in the future.

Nurturing Collaboration

coworkers communicating healthily with each otherTeam building activities that force members to work together while flexing their reasoning and problem-solving skills can also encourage active collaboration across teammates. Teams can reinforce team cohesiveness by encouraging teammates to build off of each others ideas and communicate effectively to achieve a common goal. This can inspire and motivate your team to become more engaged, enthusiastic, and positive in their performance roles within your organization.

Developing Trust & Open Communication

Team Building Activities are a great way to break down barriers to communication while allowing team members to get to know each other more. Moreover, challenging activities that test each member’s abilities can encourage teammates to develop a deeper understanding of each person’s strengths, weaknesses, comfort level and other skills, helping to develop trust and reliability among members. This can ensure that by the end of a successful Team Building Activity team members will be talking to each other more freely and trust each other more.

Encouraging Team Spirit

When teammates complete common goals together and achievements are recognized and celebrated, employees feel valued and, in turn, generally have a positive feeling about being a member of the team. Team building activities can stimulate team-pride and foster a sense of ownership amongst teammates as a result. Moreover, because team building activities create memories that can stay with teammates for life, these endeavors can serve as a lifetime investment in creating a positive workplace culture.

Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Team Building Activity

coworkers having more fun at work togetherWith team building being such an important aspect of reinforcing a quality company culture, many managers find it difficult to find team building activities that are effective (let alone ones that team members actually enjoy). Unfortunately, this causes many business owners and team leaders to opt for banal activities (happy hour, truth or dare, etc.) that often backfire, making what should have been a positive experience uncomfortable, boring or ‘just plain awkward.’ Escape Rooms, in contrast, are not only extremely fun and downright unforgettable, but provide all the aforementioned benefits of team building activities.

Escape rooms are an ideal team building activity for a variety of reasons. Escape Rooms are open environments filled with puzzles and immersive challenges which can encourage critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and constant team communication. All players must work together to solve the room’s mystery, allowing team members to bond and empowering each member to contribute. Not only does this help facilitate open communication and enhanced collaboration after the experience, but can also help develop relationships that can last for years, if not decades.

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We hope this post has helped you see the many ways that team building activities can help improve your team’s communication and cohesion. Whether you want to boost team spirit, foster open communication, or ensure that everyone feels included, escape rooms are the ideal venue to encourage dynamic problem-solving and enhance your teamwork skills. For more information about how escape rooms can make a great team building activity, or to learn about our escape room team building packages, contact Room Escape Fairfax today!