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  • March 11, 2019

Why You Should Book An Escape Room Birthday Party

girl enjoying birthday party at an escape room

Why You Should Book An Escape Room Birthday Party

Why You Should Book An Escape Room Birthday Party 1024 512 Bond's Escape Room

Group of kids playing an escape room for a birthday partyBest described as “interactive and immersive role-playing games,” Escape Rooms are quickly becoming a go-to birthday party venue for kids of all ages. Escape rooms are a fantastic birthday-party option that allow kids to solve puzzles with their friends, develop creative thinking skills, learn, adapt, play, and be a hero! And with multiple rooms, all with their own unique puzzles, problems, themes, and backstories, your child will never complain about being “bored” or “wanting to go home.”

Escape rooms also offer a level of family-friendly ease unlike many other birthday party venues. Because escape rooms are “self-contained,” many parents can simply oversee the group without direct supervision, making the entire experience stress-free. This gives parents the opportunity to get involved in the experience as well, enabling them to focus on creating memories with their kids and guiding them through problems. Top it off with exclusive catering services and first-rate customer service, and the only thing you have to worry about is showing up.

Other reasons why hosting a child’s birthday party at an escape room include the following:

  • Escape Rooms allow your child to use all of their youthful rambunctious energy (or post-cake sugar high) to solve complex puzzles, learn critical thinking skills, and get creative.
  • Escape Rooms like ours allow children of all ages to work towards a common goal, inspiring teamwork and camaraderie, and allowing kids to connect on a deeper level.
  • Room Escape Fairfax is like going the movies, except you get to be the hero! Instead of being a passive spectator, your kids can get out in front of a screen and actively get involved.
  • With fewer barriers between the players and the experience, learning is more visceral and kids can come away with a lasting feeling of accomplishment.
  • Parents can relax while they watch, encourage, and support their children on the sidelines. No more chaperoning!
  • The fun never stops! Hosting an event at Room Escape Fairfax can foster childhood memories and friendships that can last forever!

Young girl at the helm of a ship looking at compass in an escape room for a birthday partyContact us today to find out more about hosting your child’s special day at Room Escape Fairfax, or read on to learn about our special escape room birthday package!

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