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  • April 8, 2019

Top Northern Virginia Activities for Adults

young adults having fun outdoors in Northern Virginia

Top Northern Virginia Activities for Adults

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group of young friends having funBored? Stuck trying to think of something you and your (adult) friends can do for fun? We hear you! Being an adult sure has its perks: you can easily drive wherever, eat whenever and choose your own playdates. Of course, planning where to go is another matter entirely, and time spent researching the latest fun activities is time that could be better spent actually doing something fun. With that in mind, here’s a short (5-minute to read) list of the absolute best Northern VA activities for adults seeking a good time and good vibes.

Fairfax Adult Softball

Fairfax Adult Softball LogoLike softball? Recently voted the #1 amateur sports organization in Northern Virginia, Fairfax Adult Softball, Inc. (FAS) is the largest softball program in NoVA, as well as the largest private softball organization in the United States.

They provide both team and individual (free agent) registration in the Spring, Summer and Fall, and offer leagues for both competitive and recreational players of all skill levels and ages. Join a league with your friends or go see a game!

Team Trivia

Are you (or your friends) a brainy know-it-all? Think you have what it takes to compete around town? Team Trivia hosts trivia nights throughout the Northern Virginia/DC metropolitan area. If you like gathering in local bars or restaurants, getting social, and enjoying a little friendly competition while testing your (random) knowledge skills, Team Trivia might be your new favorite gig. Check out their latest events and locations for a full-rundown, and prepare for a night of trivialities, bar-food and laughs.

VA Bar Pong

group of young friends participating in one of the top Northern Virginia activities for adultsWant to relive your old college days? VA Bar Pongs hosts beer-pong meetups every Wednesday through Saturday in a variety of Northern Virginia locations. In addition to an amazing night of trick-shot attempts and making friends, BarPong also offers cash prizes, special discounts on food and drinks, and heart-thumping music from a variety of local DJ’s. They even host “tourneys” later in the night for folks you want to play and qualify for pro tournaments around the U.S.

Topgolf Alexandria

No Virginia top-list would be complete without including Topgolf’s first ever U.S. location in Alexandria, Virginia. With over 70 climate-controlled hitting bays, large outdoor patios, two 18-hole miniature golf courses, and a restaurant with grub so good it puts most sports bars to shame, Topgolf Alexandria is a golf-lovers dream retreat. Whether you’re a pro linksman, subpar putter, or total amateur, Topgolf has something for everyone to practice their golf-game and have fun doing it. Check out their website for weekly discounts, promotions and events, and prep your arms, shoulders and back for an hour (or three) of showing off your best golf swing!

Autobahn Indoor Speedway

Vroom-room! Born out of the desire to share the exhilaration of driving a high performance vehicle in a safe, comfortable and fun environment, Autobahn Indoor Speedway in Manassas is a go-karting experience like no other. Featuring state of the art Italian-made, electric go-karts, a professionally designed Grand Prix-style racetrack, up to ten karts per race, Autobahn is the ultimate go-kart driving experience. And with the safest barriers, high-trained staff, and no enforced speed limit(!), you and your friends can compete to fulfill your need for speed while driving ‘safely’ to boot.

Medstar Capitals Iceplex

Opened in 2006, the Medstar Capitals Iceplex is a whopping 137,000-square-foot facility housing two full-NHL-sized ice rinks, a training center and a proshop. In addition to hosting as many as 54 team divisions for both men and women, the iceplex also offers adult figure and hockey skating classes and clinics, and pick-up hockey, broomball and public ice-skating sessions year round. The rink also happens to be the practice arena of the NHL Washington Capitals, so don’t drop your marbles if you spot Alex Ovechkin walking the halls.

Room Escape Fairfax

group of young adults playing a Northern Virginia escape roomFeaturing 9 unique and fully immersive escape rooms, Room Escape Fairfax is Northern Virginia’s premier escape room facility. With challenging puzzles and riddles, top-quality production sets and one-of-a-kind backstories for each and every room, you and your friends will feel fully submerged in the action and drama of getting out in time. And with more games and locations on the way, you’ll have a novel experience every visit! Contact us today to schedule your escape room experience!

Did you or one of your friends recently receive a job promotion, have a birthday, or get engaged? We can create custom-games for your group to make the occasion even more memorable. At Room Escape Fairfax, we’re always looking for ways to make our events as memorable and unique as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our customer service associates. Contact us to learn more about our private party packages.