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  • August 15, 2020

Medieval Plague: Elddir United


Medieval Plague: Elddir United

Medieval Plague: Elddir United 1024 512 Bond's Escape Room

Travelers, I wish I could give you a more pleasant glance into our glorious kingdom of Elddir. However, it pains me to write that our kingdom has been impacted by a mysterious illness. In your realm, I believe it would be likened to a medieval plague. This wretched sickness has been causing issues throughout the lands as a solution is sought, but our four houses stand united as this plays out. What follows is a current update of our conditions. 

House Leonus 

The great House Leonus, named after former King Leonus the Lionhearted, was the first region of the mainland of Bohnda to be impacted. The first reports of the plague came from the town of Dohna. The disease rapidly spread, causing Dohna to go under a strict quarantine with only essential personnel allowed to enter or leave the town. The coastal town of Nata has been mostly cut off from access to the Isle of Evermore as the bridge has been blocked off and is under constant guard. Thankfully, Castle Tuckby and the surrounding area have remained largely untouched, with the royal guard on high alert. Knights and healers are being dispatched to all other houses with extreme caution, but resources are quickly dwindling. To regain peace over the great kingdom, the House Leonus needs assistance quickly. 

House Zai 

In the northern mainland, House Zai is widely known for its collection and training of the ravens near the Wayvecko Caves. So noteworthy is this practice that their house flag depicts a raven in all its glory. Regrettably, raven training has been placed on standby as our healers debate if the plague can be transmitted among birds. All tests have thankfully shown this to not be the case, but messages are only to be sent via raven if urgency is required in delivery. The Zai village of Sar has been impacted hard, with citizens ordered to shelter in homes and place their dead in the street for collection and disposal. For fear of the plague being caused by miasma, the bodies are being burned in mass while local doctors wear their raven-like masks. In other news, dragons have been spotted high in the mountains, apparently in a frenzy. We are fairly certain this has nothing to do with any recent expeditions, but all citizens are to proceed with caution if exploring nearby. Currently, the raven house, Zai, is grounded, but with help, she will soar once more! 

House Piscal 

Inhabitants of the isles fall under the House Piscal and are known for living mainly off of the sea. Their house flag is appropriately denoted by a large fish. Due to a rapid response in closing the bridges to the Isles of Teril and Evermore, House Piscal remains largely untouched with cases practically nonexistent. The port towns of Gora and Keentanil remain dedicated to shipping goods to the mainland, Bohnda, under strict safety guidelines. Meanwhile, the citizens of Elfstar have been combing the nearby woods for any possible natural cure to the plague. Sadly, all test results have been met with resounding failure. The coastal towns of Carcosa and Parsifal, the largest towns on each isle, are in constant contact with the mainland for all updates on the spread of the plague. Hopefully, House Piscal does not need to remain isolated for much longer. 

House Karnin 

The lands of the House Karnin, which are known for their worship of the spirit deer, was the most recent region impacted. The town of Aidalyn has quite a few cases and is ordering residents to stay put unless absolutely necessary. Some of our top scholars are looking into using the heat of the Vogtland, a great dessert region, to stave off infection rate, although results remain inconclusive. Further north, the town of Garzaah has attempted contact with the Bond’arev, the elven folk who inhabit the forest, but all communication attempts have been met with resistance due to past combative relationships between our races. We hope to smooth things over soon, as we believe the past should not dictate the future. One can only hope that soon the worshippers of Karnin can roam free again. 

Battle for Gahl-Zaan 

Despite all of our scholars’ best efforts, it seems the only known remedy to this plague is the sap from a tree in the Gahl-Zaan Forest. Unfortunately, this particular tree is held sacred by the local elven folk, the Bond’arev. No doubt that if they hear of our attempts to access this tree, they will construct an auric bastion. A sword must be constructed and properly enchanted to break through this magical barrier. However, with resources spread thin, our citizens are hard-pressed as is. Travelers, our king is granting special access to Castle Tuckby for all able-bodied and healthy people to complete this task. Will you answer the call? Mask-up and book Battle for Gahl-Zaan: The Enchanted Castle online or by phone today. Good fortune be with you!