• March 27, 2018

How Escape Rooms Encourage Creative Problem Solving & Team Work

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How Escape Rooms Encourage Creative Problem Solving & Team Work

How Escape Rooms Encourage Creative Problem Solving & Team Work 1024 683 Bond's Escape Room

team building gamesThe escape room craze is sweeping the nation. Escape rooms make great activities for fun nights out with friends, but escape rooms are also quickly becoming a favorite activity of choice for a specific activity: office team building games.

Employees are tired of boring trust falls and awkward ice breakers. Escape rooms are a new, exciting activity that are helping offices everywhere bolster team building and have happier, more engaged employees. Here are three key elements of escape rooms that make them great creative problem solving and teamwork boosters:


1. Tough Puzzles

Escape rooms include quite a few puzzles that participants must solve in order to safely escape the room. Someone may quickly solve one puzzle and feel confident in their abilities to solve the rest, then suddenly they find themselves stumped by the next one. Escape room puzzles tend to be a bit obscure and require participants to think differently than they normally would. They must explore every possibility and see the world from a new perspective in order to escape.

These skills easily translate to work and will help employees approach problems and conflicts at work more creatively. With newly improved creative problem solving skills, they are sure to knock out any work problems with ease.


2. Multiple Heads are Better Than One

With the exception of escape rooms that are designed for a single person, a group must cooperate together to successfully make their grand escape. An escape room has too many puzzles for one person to handle alone within the time limit. Escape rooms allow employees to bounce ideas and suggestions off each other, and arrive at conclusions together. Escape rooms’ super power of promoting team work while allowing your employees to have fun is what makes them great team building games in Northern VA.

Even better, escape rooms help employees think creatively as a group, which will ensure not only each individual gains better problem solving skills, but they better understand how to approach work problems as a team. This is an invaluable asset in the workplace, especially in team-based environments.


3. High-Pressure Scenario

Tight deadlines do wonders to improve productivity and foster great results. This is true not only for assignments at work, but success in an escape room, too. While completing an escape game, your employees will find themselves in a “deadly” scenario; here at Room Escape Fairfax, they may escape becoming hungry monsters’ dinner, get out of a deadly criminal’s trap, or flee a ghostly little girl’s bedroom. On top of this, they have a strict time limit of an hour. They need to bring their best effort and work fast in order to escape.

The ability to think creatively and collaborate under high pressure is incredibly valuable for the workplace. After completing a Northern VA team building game in an escape room, your employees will be much more equipped to tackle a big project with a tight deadline at work.


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