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Online Team Building

The Corporate Conundrum

virtual team building

5 – 10 players (1 – 2 teams)
2 Hours

Departmental team building, remote onboarding, and corporate online retreats

Divide into teams in an engaging simulation where you must successfully oversee the implementation of a new management system. Teams must respond to external demands and threats, balance internal expectations, and carefully monitor cost and timeline. Want to further enhance the team’s benefits for real world results? Opt in for a professionally facilitated debriefing session or full report to analyze team behavior and cohesion.

The Global Domination

12 – 50 players (in 6 teams)
2 Hours

Great for strategy game lovers, family reunions, and large groups of coworkers.

As the leaders of 6 different countries, you will compete to earn the title of superpower. Will you bolster your economy, improve the global ecology, or grow your military? Choose to make allies or enemies, be truthful or devious, and make or break promises.

Online game for Kids

Magic School

Magic School for kids Fairfax Banner

5 – 12 players
1 Hour

Great for Birthday parties or a memorable class activity

Solve puzzles, brew potions, and protect the ancient School of Magic from the clutches of the evil Dark Lord.