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Virtual Team Building Games

The Global Domination

6 – 50 players
1 – 2 Hours

Most Fun Online Team Building

As the leaders of 6 different countries, you will compete to earn the title of superpower. Will you bolster your economy, improve the global ecology, or grow your military? Choose to make allies or enemies, be truthful or devious, and make or break promises.

The Corporate Conundrum

$550 – $750
5 – 10 players (1 – 2 teams)
2 Hours

Departmental team building, remote onboarding, and corporate online retreats

Divide into teams in an engaging simulation where you must successfully oversee the implementation of a new management system. Teams must respond to external demands and threats, balance internal expectations, and carefully monitor cost and timeline. Want to further enhance the team’s benefits for real world results? Opt in for a professionally facilitated debriefing session or full report to analyze team behavior and cohesion.

What people say

“The Global Domination game was more fun than I expected. A fantastic experience for sure…a two-hour game of strategy, diplomacy, and an engaging experience for the whole group. I highly recommend this for large teams looking for the next on-line challenge, team building, back stabbing and total bragging rights for the winning team. This is well done and a great use of the Zoom platform with added capabilities.”
– Kevin

“We had SO MUCH FUN! We were at a loss for how to celebrate the holidays with our office (given the pandemic situation) and this was the perfect solution! Everyone had a great time in the virtual game room. I would definitely recommend this experience to any company looking to hold a team building event, with or without a pandemic!”
– Jessica

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is there anything we can watch to see the game in action?

    We offer free demos of The Global Domination and Corporate Conundrum over Zoom and can show examples of gameplay, what the interface looks like, example of the report, and play a short video of previous games. To schedule a demo, please fill out the contact form, send an email to events@bondsescaperoom.com or give us a call at 703-865-4178.
  • 2. How many people can play? How many people are on a team?

    The recommended group size for the games are as follows:
    The Global Domination – 12-50 (Players will split into 6 teams, our recommendation is 3-5 players per team)
    Corporate Conundrum – 5-10 (Can be played with less, but roles will be doubled up among the players. If you have more than 5 players, you will be split into two teams.)
    Magic School – up to 12 players, but can accommodate larger groups such as classes all participating from one device
  • 3. What platform are these games played on? Will I need to download anything or have an account?

    All of our online games are hosted over Zoom. You do not need to make an account, you will follow an invite link which will ask you to download the platform if you do not already have it on your device. We recommend using a device with a camera and microphone for the best experience (computers tend to work better than phones but they are still playable on mobile devices.) For The Global Domination and Corporate Conundrum, you will need the ability to open another window to use the game’s interface. We also recommend using any back channels for text chat or calls that your players may have for The Global Domination to further the abilities of cross team communication.
  • 4. How long does the game take? Can we shorten the game duration to fit our needs?

    The Global Domination lasts around 2 hours total. Corporate Conundrum also lasts around 2 hours followed by a 30-45 minute debriefing with an industrial and organizational psychologist. Virtual Magic School lasts around 1 hour. We can shorten each game by up to 30 minutes less than the normal duration by shortening the time in each round for our team building games. We recommend the full hour for Magic School.
  • 5. In the Global Domination, do we have to move between rooms manually? How do we talk to other teams?

    No. The hosts will automatically move you between the UN hall and the breakout rooms of your country. If you would like to “visit” another country, a host will move you to the other breakout room to talk. We also recommend any back channels of communication such as texting to efficiently speak to many teams at once.
  • 6. Will there be a facilitator/moderator?

    Yes! In The Global Domination, there will be one or two hosts (members of the “UN”) to facilitate and guide the game. Corporate Conundrum is facilitated by an industrial and organizational psychologist who also leads a debriefing session after the game. Magic School is hosted by a game master acting as the professor of the school and you will be seeing the game from their POV as they help guide players through the puzzles.
  • 7. Do we pick our teams or is it random?

    We can do it either way! You can assign your own teams if you would like certain groups to play with each other or we can randomly assign them.
  • 8. When are these games available? What time slots do you offer?

    The Global Domination and Corporate Conundrum are available everyday at 9:30 am, 12:00 pm, 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm EST, but we are flexible with our time slots and can create custom start times if needed. The Magic School is available any day from 10 am – 8 pm.
  • 9. How much do the games cost? Is it priced per person?

    Our online games are all priced as a flat rate fee. The Global Domination is $500 for up to 50 players (one game), Corporate Conundrum is $750 for up to 10 players and includes facilitation and a full report by an industrial and organizational psychologist, and virtual Magic School is $200 for up to 12 players, or a larger group using one device.
  • 10. What is the next step? How do we go about booking?

    To receive a quote and check on availability, you can fill out the form, email us at events@bondsescaperoom.com or give us a call at 703-865-4178. If you would like to receive a free demo we can schedule a Zoom meeting with our events manager. Once you have a date and time in mind and have confirmed the time slot you would like is available, we will need your estimated number of players to set up an invoice. The invoice will be sent via email and will be due 1 week prior to your event.

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