• August 19, 2019

Unique Anniversary Ideas to Consider


Unique Anniversary Ideas to Consider

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If you have an anniversary with your significant other coming up, you are likely trying to come up with some new ideas on ways to celebrate. It seems like it gets more challenging to come up with unique ways to celebrate with every passing year. Eventually, it feels that you have done everything and there are not many new things to try.

Unique Anniversary Ideas

Here, we will explore a couple of anniversary ideas you may not have yet considered. Still dating? Any one of things can make for an exciting night out, too.

Spa Day

couple on a spa date as one of the unique anniversary ideas to considerA spa day can be both relaxing and romantic and it can offer a great way to de-stress. You can both enjoy spa services either independently or together. A spa day can also be a great, relaxing precursor to a nice night out together. Get a couples massage, or body wrap together.


Camping can be a bit of an adventure together and with so many options, you can choose which is best for you and your significant other. Camp in a tent and roast marshmallows over a campfire. Maybe you would rather step it up a notch and camp in a cabin where you will get a few more indoor comforts. Along with camping, you can often find unique spots for hiking and enjoying the beauty nature has to offer. This can make for a romantic night or weekend away together. With camping, you can also unplug from the outside world. Leave your phones and tablets in the car and just enjoy each other’s company in the outdoors.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting can be a relaxing, delicious endeavor. You and your significant other can have fun exploring different flavors and tastes together. Wine tasting can double as a learning experience too, since you’ll likely hear all about how different wines were created.

Cooking Class

couple in a cooking class as one of the unique anniversary ideas to considerCooking class is a great activity to engage in together, especially if you enjoy the art of cooking in general. Here is an activity where you can work together to create something and then enjoy the end result together. You may also learn a new recipe that you can replicate at home.


Karaoke might not be for everyone, but it can certainly make for a fun night out and is one of the most unique anniversary ideas. Sing together as a duet, or take turns singing for the crowd independently, if you have the confidence. You do not have to be a great singer to have a good time, either. Engage with the crowd, give it some attitude, and laugh your night away together.

Escape Room

An escape room is a great option for an anniversary date. Not only will have to work together and communicate with each other, but you may also get the opportunity to experience a mutual win. Many locations have multiple rooms or themes to try so if you excel at one, you can try another (perhaps more challenging) room and make for an unforgettable night out.


If you have a competitive streak, an arcade can make for a fun way to play with and against each other. Make some fun wagers and see who comes out on top. Then play a few hours of games and win some prizes.

Food Truck Tour

couple at a food truck as one of the unique anniversary ideas to considerAre you and your partner foodies? If you are tired of the same food options and eating all the same food, a food truck tour can be really enticing. Try out some new flavors you’ve never tried before and talk about how awesome it would be if the two of you created a food truck of your own.

Comedy Club/Show

There are few ways better to start another year together than in laughter. You want to make sure you choose a comedian you know will make you laugh, or with which you are familiar. Otherwise, if you don’t find the comedy funny, you aren’t likely to have as good a time. A great option is finding a lineup that includes several different comedians. Doing so can almost guarantee you will find one that suits your sense of humor.

Unplanned Road Trip

If you are looking for spontaneity, an unplanned road trip might be the best option. With this choice, you are able to just go with the flow. Stop where you want, eat where you want and engage in whatever activities you want.

Planning the Perfect Anniversary

Here, we have outlined various ideas for a more unique anniversary. The traditional dates can get boring, even if you have the very best company. Trying something new can spice things up a bit and can give you a night to remember. While it is hard to come up with something new, hopefully this list of anniversary ideas has been helpful.