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Escape Rooms

Welcome to Room Escape, the real-life, puzzle-solving adventure! You and your teammates will be “locked” in a room full of puzzles, keys, riddles, locks, and an exciting assortment of other objects with only an hour to solve everything and find a way out. Similar to action movies like National Treasure or the DaVinci Code, the story will unveil itself as you solve more puzzles. See if you could really make it out if you were in your character’s shoes. Room Escape Fairfax is perfect for your next Tysons Party, Work Event, Date or fun for any occasion.  With the most escape rooms in one location on the east coast we have a wide variety of rooms to choose from.  Learn more about our escape rooms and our services in Tysons, VA.

Birthdays and Private Parties

Escape games are a great way to make your next birthday party, family reunion, bachelor party, or any other event more memorable. For these events, we can add special touches to the rooms; how excited would your child be to find their big birthday present hidden in the room? Or, you could surprise your significant other by finding an engagement ring at the end of the room. Contact us with any idea you have to make your Tysons escape experience more personal.  Learn more about our birthday party package and private party deals in Tysons, VA.

Escape Bus (A Transportable Escape Room)

You are facing life in prison, and you have one last shot at freedom. Will you take it? You and your gang of bank robbers have run out of luck and are on your way to a life sentence in the toughest prison in America. Luckily for you, one of the guards suddenly passes out, the victim of severe food poisoning. You’re still handcuffed, but you have 40 minutes to find a way off the bus and find freedom. Can you find a way to make crime pay? Only if you escape the Jail Bus, the top-rated escape bus in the US!  With our escape bus you can experience all the joys of an escape room on the move.  Our bus will transport your group wherever you want to go and on the way you get to participate in a one of a kind escape room.  Learn more about our escape bus services in Tysons, VA.

Team Building & Corporate Events

Looking for a team building event your group can actually get excited about? Our Room Escapes offer Tysons residents exciting, challenging rooms that are perfect for strengthening and observing any group. Your group will be trapped in a room filled with a variety of puzzles, hidden items, and countless surprises with only 60 minutes to solve the mystery of the game.  Escape rooms are proven to help bring teams closer together and they force people to think outside the box.  Learn more about our team building and corporate event services in Tysons, VA.