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  • May 31, 2018

School’s Out – Play Room Escape Games in Northern VA for Summer Fun!

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School’s Out – Play Room Escape Games in Northern VA for Summer Fun!

School’s Out – Play Room Escape Games in Northern VA for Summer Fun! 1024 427 Bond's Escape Room

It’s May, and many colleges are out for the summer, with high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools not far behind. You and your family may be planning graduation parties, fun vacations, and other exciting summer activities. While these are bound to be a lot of fun, you may be looking for something a little different to fill your summer.

Have you ever tried room escape games in Northern Virginia? Room Escape Fairfax and Bond’s Escape Room have 8 exciting escape adventures at our Fairfax location, and 7 at our Arlington location.

Here are a few reasons why you should play room escape games in Northern Virginia this summer:

Beat the Heat

The beach and the park are classic summer hot spots, but that’s the thing—they can be too hot. With an indoor room escape game, you can still have a lot of fun while enjoying air conditioning. That air conditioning especially comes in handy because escape games require you to stay cool under pressure!

At Room Escape Fairfax, our entire facility is air-conditioned so you can stay cool and comfortable, whether playing one of our games or checking out our VIP rooms for a special event.

Challenge Your Mind

Although summer is a great reprieve from homework, tests, and studying, it is important to ensure that your mind is still active all summer long. Children especially can lose valuable academic skills during summer break if they do not continue to challenge their minds. Playing a few room escape games over summer keeps the gears turning and the mind sharp.

Our Game Masters love seeing others put their puzzle-solving to the test and earn new valuable creative thinking skills. We’re always up for helping kids and adults alike keep their brains active. All of our escape games are designed to challenge any player and keep them on their toes, making them the perfect activity for maintaining crucial skills when school’s out.

Do Something Different

As mentioned, escape rooms are a refreshing change of pace from beach trips, barbecues, and pool parties. Because many room escape games in Northern Virginia are meant to be completed in groups, they make the perfect unique summer hangout for you and your friends. You can also get creative with your escape game. With our birthday package, you can host a great summer birthday party by playing one of our challenging puzzles, then using our VIP Rooms to host a party! You can also customize your escape experience and hide the birthday present in the room! Don’t have a birthday in summer? Use our VIP rooms for any occasion for an extra fun experience. Learn more about our birthday party packages.

Book Your Escape Now!

This summer, try a fun, challenging experience. With 15 escape rooms between our two locations, we own the two largest escape room venues on the east coast! We have a wide variety of exciting room escape games in Northern Virginia. Our Game Masters would love to help you beat the heat and challenge your mind this summer!

Learn more about our escape rooms online, or book your visit now!