Room Escape is the Perfect Child or Adult Party Idea in Northern Virginia -
  • July 31, 2018

Room Escape is the Perfect Child or Adult Party Idea in Northern Virginia

friends solving escape room puzzles

Room Escape is the Perfect Child or Adult Party Idea in Northern Virginia

Room Escape is the Perfect Child or Adult Party Idea in Northern Virginia 1024 427 Bond's Escape Room

Escape games are becoming more and more popular all over the world. They offer challenging yet fun puzzles to help you escape creatively themed rooms. There are many reasons and occasions to go to an escape room, including using them for private events.

Whether it’s a date, family gathering, child or adult birthday party, or other private event, Room Escape in Fairfax, Virginia will ensure that you and your group will have the best experience possible.

Here are some reasons why Room Escape is the perfect child or adult birthday party idea in Northern Virginia:

All Ages are Welcome

Being left out is not a good feeling, but sometimes you can’t help it. It may be a situation where your friends want to go to a bar, but you haven’t hit 21 yet, or you don’t reach the height requirement for a ride at an amusement park. At Room Escape, we allow everyone to participate, regardless of health, height, age, or other concerns. For the younger crowd (ages 7-14), we recommend these rooms: Save the White House, The Cure, and Bowl Voyage. Many of our rooms can also be modified to be made kid-friendly, as we are always determined to give all our guests a fun, personalized visit. When trying to think of fun birthday party ideas you want a place everyone will enjoy.

Easy and Convenient

If you don’t want to plan a party and go through the process of gathering everyone together and checking off a to do list, then escape rooms are the perfect birthday party idea. Room Escape Fairfax offers birthday party and team-building private event packages which include a private room where you and your guests can continue to socialize while enjoying food, drinks, and cake.

Not Your Normal Gathering

When you think of a party or gathering you think food, drinks, friends, and fun. You may not immediately think of going to an escape room, but you should because booking a private escape room gathering includes all of the same things, and it’s something new and exciting for you and your guests to enjoy together.

Your Wallet Will Thank You                   

Throwing big birthday parties can get expensive, so Room Escape in Fairfax has many different price plan options for you depending on how many people are coming and how much time you plan to spend there. We want to make it as worry free for you as possible, so your wallet will thank you.

Learning Experience

While you and your guests will be having a great time trying to solve puzzles and escaping the room, you will also be learning about yourself and the others during the event. Escape rooms take teamwork to complete and are a great team building exercise. Having a birthday party or other gathering at Room Escape will help you and your friends grow even closer, no matter what age.

Host Your Next Party or Group Activity with Room Escape Fairfax!

Whether you’re 10, 20, or 60 years old, escape rooms can be the perfect place to celebrate any occasion, even if it’s just a gathering with family or friends for a fun night together. With the private events Room Escape in Fairfax, Virginia offers, you and your party will want to come back as soon as possible to try all of our rooms.

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