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  • June 26, 2018

Room Escape Fairfax is a Great Company Team Building Activity

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Room Escape Fairfax is a Great Company Team Building Activity

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We have all had to do those uncomfortable ice breakers in middle school and high school to get to know your classmates. Working with others in a new office setting is similar and can also sometimes be awkward or uncomfortable at first, so coworkers may do these activities or games to get to know each other in the office. But when was the last time you met someone who was actually excited to do an ice breaker?

What if there was a different and exciting way to get through those awkward moments and also team build with your coworkers at the same time? Room Escape Fairfax is a great place to go on a field trip with the office. With our wide selection of escape rooms, you and your coworkers can grow your teamwork skills together in a fun environment.

Room Escape Fairfax believes that the success of escaping one of their rooms in an hour involves all team members’ abilities, which is explained on Team Performance Lab is a consulting firm that has teamed up with Room Escape Fairfax to investigate the science behind escaping our rooms to help your team be successful by using team building and other strategies.

Here are some reasons Room Escape Fairfax is a great team building activity for your company:

  1. Boosts Leadership Skills

Although escape rooms require teamwork, each member possesses a different skill in the company. Some puzzles may be easier for one person to get through, and others may be better at dealing with high-pressure situations like this. Regardless, team members must guide their coworkers through by using their leadership skills. This may be easier for natural leaders, but escape rooms can also help enhance leadership skills for those who are used to being followers.

  1. Enhances Creativity and Problem Solving

Escape rooms are full of problems you and your team will have to solve together. These puzzles cover many problems that promote creative and critical thinking, two of the 6 C’s used in classrooms for effective education and team building. By putting your brains together and thinking outside the box, you and your coworkers can successfully escape the room.

  1. Encourages Quick Decision Making

Room Escape Fairfax gives your team only one hour to escape your choice of room, which can go by more quickly than you may think. Having a time limit to complete each puzzle can help your team beat the time, and Team Performance Lab can help explain how you can use the time limit more effectively.

  1. Creates Bonds Between Coworkers

During these 60 minutes in the escape room, coworkers will face many problems and use skills they aren’t used to using. This can help build trust and empathy for each other, as well as increase motivation in the office. It is important to build these bonds and friendships in companies to help grow the success of the business.

Book Room Escape Fairfax for Your Next Company Outing

Room Escape Fairfax. offers eight escape room options in which your company can build their team building. Through a series of puzzles, Room Escape Fairfax and Team Performance Lab will work together to ensure you and your coworkers have a successful and fun experience.

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