• January 17, 2018

Improve Your Team Building This Year with an Escape Room

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Improve Your Team Building This Year with an Escape Room

Improve Your Team Building This Year with an Escape Room 1024 640 Bond's Escape Room

Hospital Escape room2018 has finally arrived, and many of us are looking forward to an exciting year. Many people abandon their new year resolutions not far into January, but others still hold onto them. Individuals may want to cut back on soda or finally go after that promotion at work. Businesses make resolutions, too. For many businesses in the DC metro region, their resolutions involve improving team building for their employees. This is their goal, but they may have trouble coming up with an effective and fun team building idea.

If your business is struggling to improve your employees’ team building skills, consider bringing your employees to Escape Room DC/Fairfax. Our escape rooms are designed to help teams work together and emerge as a more cooperative unit. We can help you achieve your 2018 resolution to improve team building.


Why Strong Team Building is Essential:

Simply put, team-building allows your business to do what it does best: serve its customers. A business without strong team building will not be as efficient and the business will suffer. Furthermore, strong team-building helps improve your employees’ happiness and job satisfaction. Nobody wants to work for a company where they feel they cannot cooperate well with others. If your company needs to improve team building, visit Escape Room DC/Fairfax.


Why Escape Rooms Make a Great Team Building Idea:

If you have never done an escape room, you may be hesitant to consider it for your next team building idea, and fear that it only serves the purpose of entertaining the people who participate. However, there are a lot of characteristics that make escape rooms excellent for improving team building. Escape rooms…

  • Are a unique activity: Employees are done with the tired trust-falls and team building seminars. Many common team building activities earn groans and eye-rolls from staff members, and often do very little to improve team strength and dedication. Escape rooms, however, provide a very different experience that is both fun and proven to increase teambuilding.
  • Require cooperation & communication: Your team will not make it out of an escape room on time unless they work together. Escape rooms feature a variety of puzzles that require your employees to cooperate and communicate. These skills undoubtedly transfer to the workplace, where they must work together to ensure the business can survive.
  • Promote creative, high-pressure decision making: Not only do escape room games require that your employees work together, but they encourage them to think differently than they usually would on a time limit. Your team only has 60 minutes to make it out of the room. To do so, they need to solve a variety of obscure puzzles that require them to look at things from a new perspective. After an escape room, your employees will be able to use these new decision-making and problem-solving skills for anything they face at work.


Need a Fun Team Building Idea?

Watch your team thrive at Room Escape Fairfax. With 6 group rooms designed to improve team-building skills and 1 two-person room, Room Escape Fairfax is the largest escape room venue on the east coast. We are the perfect choice as your next team building idea. Choose from our variety of exciting escape rooms to pick an experience that your employees will love while helping them improve their cooperation and communication.

Make 2018 the year your team grows stronger. Book your team-building visit online now or call us at (703) 454-8099.