• August 5, 2019

Exciting Family Reunion Ideas


Exciting Family Reunion Ideas

Exciting Family Reunion Ideas 1024 512 Bond's Escape Room

Exciting Family Reunion Ideas

Want to make your next family reunion the most memorable one yet? No matter how big or small, a family reunion can be made extra special by planning a game or activity to do together. Here are just a few exciting ideas designed to reconnect your loved ones in a fun way.

Go Kart Racing

a family having fun at a family reunion ideaGo kart racing is enjoyable for all ages and experience levels. Grab your family and head down to the race track and experience the thrill of a racing venture. Some venues will even allow you to rent out the entire race track for a private party. If your family is the competitive type, go kart racing may be the perfect activity.

Outdoor Movie

Take the fun outdoors by setting up an outdoor movie in your own backyard. Create your own DIY movie screen with a projector and media device, or ask your guests to meet up at your local drive-in theater. Either way, your family is sure to have a great time as you snack on popcorn and watch an entertaining flick.

Baseball Game

Group ball games are an excellent family reunion activity as it allows everyone to play together in a laid back environment. Choose two team leaders and split up your family members into two even teams. You can even have special shirts made for each player. Family members who do not wish to play can cheer on both teams on the sidelines.


Paintball is a high-energy game designed for adults and older children who do not mind getting a little rough. Your family can compete in teams to see which team can successfully eliminate the other by hitting them with paintballs. At most venues that offer this activity, the minimum age to participate is 10 years old so keep this in mind when planning your family reunion.

Axe Throwing

axe throwing as an exciting family reunion ideaWant to host a family reunion that is truly unique? Consider an axe throwing party. Axe throwing has been sweeping the country and more and more venues are popping up. During this activity, your group will be taught safe throwing techniques to ensure that everyone participates in a safe environment. Once you have mastered throwing, you can get into some friendly competition.

Trivia Night

Create a family reunion trivia game to help break the ice and get everyone excited about getting to know one another better. Instead of asking standard trivia questions, personalize the game by asking questions about individual family members. Include information like new marriages, babies, or changes in careers. You can even add in some family history about previous generations of parents and grandparents.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a family-friendly and affordable option for family reunions. Not only are they a good ice breaker when reuniting with extended family, but they can also accommodate larger groups of people. If one room is not enough, many venues allow you to book several rooms simultaneously. Race against the clock as you work together with family members to escape the themed rooms. There are a variety of themes to choose from and children and adults of all ages can participate.

Rock Climbing

father and son participating in exciting family reunion ideasIf your family is up for an active adventure, rock climbing is a great activity that everyone should try at least once. Rock climbing is physically and mentally challenging. It is also highly social. Climbers often work in partnership with one climbing and one controlling the rope and offering encouragement. With indoor climbing centers, this activity can be done year-round. Once you have climbed, you and your family will also get an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Field Day

Field days are not just for school students. Families can also enjoy a field day with plenty of activities to keep guests busy all afternoon. When planning a field day, consider what types of activities you would like to do. It can be helpful to separate these activities into age-appropriate categories. For example, balloon popping and bubble blowing are suitable for small children, while relay races and pie-eating contests are better suited for older children and adults.

Jet Skiing/Boat Rental

During the warmer months of the year, consider throwing your family reunion on the water. Rent a boat or yacht for the day and invite your family to come aboard for drinks, snacks, and swimming opportunities. If your family reunion is going to be on the smaller side, rent some jet skis and ride the waves together. You can even spend some time fishing or sunbathing.

Private Party Packages

It is not always easy for everyone to make time for a family reunion, but the experience is always worth the effort. Make your next gathering one that you will always remember by planning fun activities that the whole family can do together. For a custom family reunion experience, contact Room Escape Fairfax and ask about their private party packages.