• January 15, 2019

Why Escape Rooms Continue To Be The Go To Group Activity

People solving escape room puzzles

Why Escape Rooms Continue To Be The Go To Group Activity

Why Escape Rooms Continue To Be The Go To Group Activity 1024 427 Bond's Escape Room

Door leading to Northern Virginia Escape RoomsEscape rooms seem to have appeared all over the country in the blink of an eye. They’re the go to activity for date nights, corporate team building events, and just a good time. Northern Virginia escape rooms are fast-paced adventures last just one hour each, with participants asked to solve puzzles in order to find the key to their room and set themselves free. Most escape rooms are themed, with adventures ranging from wild west escapades to interplanetary intrigue. They put players in the middle of their own story with special effects, high-quality props, and other details that bring the story to life.

Benefits Of Northern Virginia Escape Rooms

Here are a few reasons to consider Northern Virginia escape rooms for your next outing, whatever the occasion.

Increasing Bonding

Employees huddled increasing team bonding through Northern Virginia escape roomsPeople who have gone through an intense or stressful experience together often report feelings of bonding and togetherness after the event is over. While escape rooms certainly aren’t harrowing, they offer the right amount of stress to help your group feel closer. Each escape room starts with a story that lays out the stakes and tells your team exactly what will happen if they fail.

Imaginary or not, facing consequences and working together to avoid them can generate the feeling that you’re all in this together. This makes Northern Virginia escape rooms a great activity for new sports teams, corporate teams, or groups of friends who’d like to work better together.

Thinking Critically

Critical thinking skills are important in the workplace and beyond. They can help leaders of school clubs, sports teams, and other organizations. People who are able to think critically can analyze situations objectively, evaluating all the information in front of them before coming to a rational decision. Escape rooms offer groups the chance to cultivate those critical thinking skills. They’ll have to analyze their situation, look to the room’s story for clues, and put emotion aside to find the solution. A Northern Virginia escape room adventure is the perfect way to get your brain into gear and help you learn better problem solving techniques that can be used in your next stressful situation.

Building Teams

Team building shown as a result of participating in Northern Virginia escape rooms togetherNorthern Virginia escape rooms have become particularly popular as a corporate team building activity. In addition to encouraging critical thinking skills, they can help your company identify natural leaders within your employee group. Escape rooms can also give your team an opportunity to practice better communication, more creative problem solving, and time management abilities.

Taking the time to debrief after your experience can help employees connect their escape room adventure back to the office by discussing what they learned and how they can apply that new knowledge to workplace projects.

Getting to Know You

It’s not easy to come up with fresh date ideas all the time, but escape rooms can help solve that. Because escape rooms have only recently become popular, they can provide a chance for you both to try something new. They can also show you how your date handles stress and how much of a risk they’re willing to take when it comes to solving problems. With several differently-themed rooms in each Northern Virginia escape room venue, you can easily go back again and again without repeating the same experience for some time. You’ll have plenty to talk about over lunch or dinner later and may learn a lot about each other in the process.

Connecting Family

Stronger connected family after participating in Northern Virginia escape roomsPut away the board games for family fun night, and try a Northern Virginia escape room instead. Kids can feel like the heroes of their favorite movies and stories as they race around the room to save the day. They’ll also appreciate the opportunity to take the lead for once and come up with their own theories about how to escape the room. Most escape rooms are purely mental exercises, so kids of all ages and abilities can participate.

Completing an escape room can help them boost their problem solving skills while providing them with a strong sense of accomplishment and confidence boost that will leave them asking to return for another round.

Scheduling Your Northern Virginia Escape Room Event

No matter your reason for locking in, Northern Virginia escape rooms are a fun and challenging activity that you’ll never forget. Speak to Room Escape Fairfax for more information and to schedule your Northern Virginia escape room event. Room Escape Fairfax offers several themed rooms that contain theater-grade effects, immersing you in your own personal story. Each escape room provides a thrilling, brain teasing adventure, and groups can book multiple rooms to play at the same time or consecutively to keep the fun going all afternoon. The facility can accommodate groups of up to 50 people, though smaller groups are always welcome to walk right in and play. Groups can also book the VIP Suite, which gives them an hour before or after their game to relax, enjoy some pizza and refreshments, or debrief from their adventure.