• April 6, 2017

9 Bizarre Virginia Tourist Destinations that are Totally Worth the Trip

Abandoned Renaissance Faire

9 Bizarre Virginia Tourist Destinations that are Totally Worth the Trip

9 Bizarre Virginia Tourist Destinations that are Totally Worth the Trip 250 167 Bond's Escape Room

We puzzle masters at Room Escape Fairfax are all about the experience. When it comes to our birthdays and holidays, we never ask for stuff… We want to go out with friends and family. Together, we want to experience festivals and fairs; we want to see concerts and popular sites. Great adventures with those you love create lasting memories that are worth way more than fancy stuff–and they last longer, too.

So we’ve put together our own list of hidden Virginia tourist destinations that are sure to spark exciting adventure and remarkable memories. These spots are quirky and strange, mysterious and captivating.
Each one is totally worth the trip, offering their own unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else… Just like Room Escape Fairfax!

So grab your fanny-pack and visor, charge your phone, and buckle-up: you want to check-out these 9 bizarre Virginia tourist destinations that are sure to create extraordinary memories that will last a lifetime!

1: Dinosaur Land

Dinosaur LandWhitepost, Virginia boasts this remarkable and eclectic assortment of large prehistoric statues. Posed in-action, the dinosaurs of dinosaurland are simultaneously menacing and comical. This site is home to spectacles like a 20-foot-tall King Kong statue, an equally large statue of a T-Rex attacking a pterodactyl, and a 60-foot-long statue of Jaws! This massive menagerie is home to over 50 statues and even has its own gift shop. Dinosaur Land is sure to delight with its whimsical artistic representations of dinosaurs that seem to be straight out of The Land Before Time. Dinosaur Land is almost like its own Island of Misfit Statues. Perfect for patrons of all ages, Dinosaur Land’s eccentricity is both thrilling and exciting! Speaking of bizarre sights, be sure to check out…

2: The Abandoned Renaissance Faire

Virginia Tourist Destinations Hidden in the swampy forests of Fredericksburg, Virginia is an overgrown Renaissance Faire. This collective of renaissance-era buildings was once a functioning site for regular renaissance faires but was eventually run-out of business and left to rot. Now, these medieval replicas, towers, theaters, and shops, are slowly decaying, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of man and nature. This incredible (and a little haunting) abandoned renaissance fair is perfect for adventurers and curious-cats alike. You won’t see a sight like this anywhere else. The whimsical mystery of this overgrown fair is sure to create a one-of-a-kind adventure, and one-of-a-kind memories.

3: The Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Virginia Tourist DestinationsFor bibliophiles and Molly’s-Horror-Room-lovers alike, Richmond, Virginia offers a gothic celebration of the ood author’s life and works. This monument to Poe is housed in Richmond’s oldest building. Inside you will find a collection of Poe’s original manuscripts, letters, clothing, knick-knacks, furniture, and a miniature replica of Richmond in the 1800’s. Traditional romantics will be thrilled to even get a glimpse of a lock of Poe’s hair. Richmond’s Edgar Allen Poe Museum is actually the world’s largest collection of Edgar Allen Poe items. Poe’s sense of macabre extends into the Enchanted Garden, and while you’re visiting you may even spot the museum’s two black cats, Edgar and Pluto. And while you’re in Richmond, be sure to visit…

4: Hollywood Cemetery

Virginia Tourist DestinationsLooming over downtown Richmond, Hollywood Cemetery offers a remarkable view of the James River. The civil-war era cemetery is made up of 135, gardened acres. This gorgeous, but eerie, hilled resting place contains the graves of over 18,000 confederate soldiers. At the Hollywood Cemetery, you can also visit the graves of President James Monroe and President John Tyler, along with famed Confederate General George Pickett. Once you’ve seen all the Civil War graves, be sure to visit the mausoleum of Richmond’s actual vampire, W.W. Pool. The creepy intrigue of Hollywood Cemetery is a must-see on any trip to Richmond.

5: Presidential Pets Museum

Virginia Tourist DestinationsIf you love fuzzy feline friends and precious pups, you will adore the Presidential Pets Museum of Williamsburg, Virginia! This charming museum celebrates the most cuddly and sweet figures of American history! See all the beloved Presidential pets throughout our nation’s history. Though the Presidents have brought many a delightful dog into the White House, you’ll see more than just the standard domesticated pet in this museum. Learn about Washington’s horse–there is an entire exhibit dedicated to our nation’s first Presidential pet, Nelson! If you don’t consider horses exotic pets to have at the White House, what about Teddy Roosevelt’s snakes? Or William McKinley’s parrot? Perhaps William Henry Harrison’s billy goat is more your style, or Lincoln’s pig and turkey pair! William Taft actually kept a pet cow on the front lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and James Buchanan kept Siam elephants and bald eagles! Though, Calvin Coolidge may beat them all: practically an exotic zoo, Coolidge kept a bear, a donkey, canaries, geese, a wallaby, a bobcat, a pygmy hippo, and several lion cubs! Investigate these pets’ storied pasts and be charmed by all their adorableness. But don’t stop there–while you’re in Williamsburg, be sure to see…

Virginia Tourist Destinations

6: The Field of Presidents’ Heads

We swear, it’s not as sinister as it sounds! Collected on a Williamsburg farm are 20-foot tall statues of 43 President’s heads. Each bust weighs 22,000 pounds! Sculpted in remarkable detail, these weathered statues are a remarkable, rustic representation of America’s many Presidential era’s. And if you’re into giant statues, boy do we have a treat for you…

7: The Giant Roller Skate

Virginia Tourist DestinationsBoom! You wanted giant sculptures of not-giant stuff? Well Bealeton, Virginia has got you covered! The giant wooden roller skate may seem a little worse for wear, but it has become quite the roadside-hotspot over the last decade. On the weekend, a massive flea market is erected beside the giant skate, meaning you can shop for your own little oddities while basking in the glory of Bealeton biggest oddity! But Bealeton has more to offer than just a giant roller skate–while you’re there, be sure to get tickets to…

8: The Flying Circus Airshow

The Flying Circus AirshowThis dazzling, enchanting, remarkable extravaganza is sure to stun you and your friends and family. Performing every Saturday, May through October, the Flying Circus Airshow exhibits feats of astonishing aviation! Restored, historic biplanes perform whirling acrobatics, skydivers zip through the air, and wing-walkers defy all logic as they stand on top of the planes rushing by. You can even ride in one of the planes once the show is over!

9: The Mariner’s Museum

The Mariner's MuseumLet’s play two truths and a lie: you guess which of the following is false, and which two are true. Ready? Okay: Room Escape Fairfax has one of the largest collections of escape rooms on the east coast, Newport News is home to the largest nautical library in the entire western hemisphere, and my cat George can meow the chorus of Sweet Caroline. Well, Room Escape Fairfax does have one of the largest collections of escape rooms on the east coast–and unfortunately George meows for no one but himself, meaning Newport News’s Mariner’s Museum is the largest nautical library in the western hemisphere. This museum is cover 60,000 square feet on a 550-acre park. This museum’s exhibits are so comprehensive: you can investigate nearly all aspects of naval history and look at actual boats, steam vessels, and watercraft from all over the world. The Mariner’s Museum has the perfect balance of real artifacts and replicas, including an astonishingly detailed collection of Miniature Ships. With all of these awe-inspiring exhibits, and an overwhelming selection of activities, this is a trip that could last the whole weekend. The Mariner’s Museum states that they’ve got something for everyone: young or old, sailors or landlubbers, you’re sure to create exciting memories here!